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The project involves the modernization of the unit Rotary Kiln 2 (RK2) in factory NewCo Ferronikeli. During the restart of the plant in 2007, after 10 years of staging, the RK2 could not be put into operation with the existing automation system, and therefore operators decided to modernize system automation in addition to the engineering work on the body of kiln. Switchboards were replaced entirely, and PLC was used for control of equipment and SCADA system for operation. The three switchboards installed in different parts of the plant and 5 peripheral stations PLC, linked to a network Profibus, both led to a reduction in the volume of cables and greatly facilitate the maintenance of the unit. Stations are controlled by 2 CPUs, with hardware redundancy -if a mistake occurs the other automatically takes over without the slightest interruption in operation. In control room, for safety reasons, 2 computers were installed for the SCADA, which operate at the same time. The unit is in operation since March 2008.

The work included:

  • Design and manufacture of switchboards
  • Design and manufacture of automation tables
  • Low Voltage Electrical study
  • Design automation
  • Installation and programming PLC (Siemens)
  • Installation of SCADA (LabView)