The project involves the construction of cement production system on company premises RONZI CO. Karditsa.

The system consists of:

  • 6 silos aggregates (4 silos sand, 1 silo gravel and 1 silo grit)
  • 4 vibrators (1 in each silo sand)
  • 1 belt conveyor for aggregates
  • 4 shakers in aggregates belt conveyors
  • 1 lift
  • 2 cement screw conveyors
  • 1 silo weighing cement
  • 1 valve unloading cement
  • 1 filter cement
  • 3 pumps weighing chemicals
  • 1 water pump pulse dosing
  • 1 mixer
  • 2 doors for the exit of the final product from the mixer
  • 2 oil pumps operating in parallel with the doors of the mixer
  • 1 silo vibrator in the concentration of the finished product

The system can be operated automatically and manually via SCADA and there is a plate which is handled locally. The operator via the SCADA is an overview of the system and can make the necessary maneuvers to the proper functioning of the plant. There are recipes stored on the type of product that they wish to produce and thus can choose/confirm that the recipe is executed. So when an order comes, operator choose the right recipe and production process begins. Also, the user can start or stop any motor he likes at manual mode and identify any errors that occur during operation. Finally, in the SCADA display some critical data for the production process such as mixing time, the consumption of the mixer, the balances of the warehouses, the time monitoring of a specific process (weighing a stock), etc. The system is in operation since August 2010.

The project included:

  • Design and Manufacture Automation Board
  • Programming and Installation of PLC (Mitsubishi)
  • Installation of SCADA (Labview)