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The project involves converting a powder mill into Cement mill (Cement Mill 7) inEwekoro factory of company Wapco (member of the Lafarge), Nigeria. This is a turn – key project, which involved as subcontractors EVIESK, which took over the mechanical engineering work. Essentially, the facility was new, after all that remained from the old  Powder Mill were mill facilities (seats and motors).Implemented a distributed system, with 2 switchboards, and 2 peripheral stations PLC, connected to network ControlNet, which has as result to reduce the volume of cables, but also facilitates the maintenance of the unit. The unit is in operation since February 2007.

The work included:

  • Design, construction and installation of switchboards
  • Design, construction and installation of automation tables
  • Electrical design and installation of Low Voltage
  • Design and installation of automation instruments
  • Installation and programming PLC (Allen – Bradley)
  • Installation of SCADA (RS – View)